Beth single info



Vince Hatfield's recent single is an awesome heartfelt rendition of the Kiss classic, "Beth," recorded and produced by Eric Paul.  Vince had never heard "Beth" up until February 2010 when his wife, Shawn, a big fan of "Kiss" since childhood, played Peter Criss' original single for him. During his recent February 2010 recording session at Ricky Skaggs studio in Nashville, Shawn asked Vince to record the song. The song was recorded and mixed but remained unheard outside of the studio until fate stepped in. While on vacation in July 2010 with his kids at a condo in Corpus Christie, the kids turned on the TV to an episode of Gene Simmon's Family Jewels. As the show aired a segment of Kiss on tour in Australia, Vince, Shawn and the kids watched as Gene Simmons explained to the new drummer, (of appx. 5 years), why he said "no" when he asked if he could sing "Beth" live. Gene stated emphatically that he had given his word to Peter Criss (the original "Kiss" drummer, co-writer, and vocalist on "Beth") when he left the band that Kiss would never do "Beth" live again.  Vince says he really admires Gene for being the type of person that kept his word with Peter Criss. Vince believes that in business, as well as in life, that trait of keeping ones word, is regretfully very rare in this day and time.

Check out what some of the stations are already saying about the latest single from one of Texas' greatest natural resources, Vince Hatfield:

"The new Vince is great! Really like it as good as I did the original.  Vince brings a new dimension to the song!"
Mickey Alexander - WQNZ - Natchez MS

“One of the best rock anthems in music history has been re-recorded. Who would have
believed a country artist could take it 30 plus years later and make it a multi-format hit?”
Randy Adams - KKRB/KFLS - Klamath Falls, OR

"This one is testing through the roof. It needs to be on your radar today.
Like Sunny Sweeny, this one is going to have some legs, so hop on it today!"
Ted Cramer - WIFE - Rushville, IN